Business Focused Hypnosis

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Glass Halo founder, Trevor Lambert, qualified as a hypnotherapist more than ten years ago and is a strong advocate for the power of hypnosis in the workplace.

Trevor trained with Uncommon Knowledge Ltd, which has since become the number one provider of hypnotic downloads in the world. We are pleased to share links to some of Uncommon Knowledge’s best downloads for business professionals.

Over time we hope to add some of our own downloads developed specifically for marketers. We will also add future downloads from Uncommon Knowledge in the future.

Hypnotic downloads for business performance

Please note: Although downloads are priced in dollars, the recordings are by British professional hypnotherapists. 

Downloads can be ordered individually or in the bundles below, which tend to offer better value. Click on the darker links for the bundle deals or the lighter blue links to check out the modules individually.

Be more productive bundle

Career development hypnosis pack

 Be more persuasive pack 

Better thinking hypnosis pack

For the full list of 800+ hypnotic resources from Uncommon Knowledge click here.



One-to-one hypnotherapy support for businesses

We can also visit your premises to provide one-to-one hypnotherapy support to your managers and executives. Don’t imagine this is any flakey, new-age guff. Our approach is results-focused and business-like, while at same time offering the friendly, supportive style you’d expect.