Thought leadership


We love thought leadership and its cousin, content marketing.

It’s a shame the labels are so jargonistic, so for those in any doubt we’re talking about white papers, reports, seminars, blogs and the like, in which you demonstrate your expertise or share the results of your research.

It’s an ethical, value adding way to demonstrate you know what you’re talking about, secure coverage in other media and generate new leads. And it’s a process that just keeps on giving.

Because throughout the development of a thought leadership paper you have a great opportunity to engage with experts, clients and prospects.

As the diagram below shows.


The Glass Halo Thought Leadership Cycle Model. 

glass-halo-thought-leadership-model-smallWe’ve written in-depth reports on

  • FIFO working in the mining industry
  • Succession strategies
  • Meaning at Work
  • Team competencies
  • NHS leadership
  • Outsourcing vs Insourcing
  • Agile Working
  • Leadership turnover

Collectively these reports have been downloaded thousands of times and generated thousands of leads, each with a proven interest in the subject matter.

Get in touch to discover how thought leadership will help you establish and develop stronger relationships and add value for your clients.