Freelance Marketing Directors

Imagine all the expertise of a Marketing Director without the expense of employing one.
Life-buoy Freelance Marketing Directors can be life savers

Most organisations would benefit from having a marketing director on board. A good Marketing Director will help develop and communicate your strategy, guide your approaches to market, advise you on communications and positioning, build and defend your company’s reputation, and provide leadership to your marketing team.

But the honest truth is that many business owners and leaders in SMEs think they can’t afford the expense of a marketing director.

And they are right… Kind of…

An experienced full-time Marketing Director doesn’t come cheap.

So wouldn’t it be great if you could tap into an experienced senior marketing professional on a light touch basis?

Freelance Marketing Director for B2B Professional Service Firms

Trevor Lambert FCIM offers a flexible, freelance Marketing Director service on a retainer basis to a limited number of organisations each year. Arrangements vary and can include:

  • Attending and inputting into regular board and senior leadership team meetings
  • Marketing strategy design and development
  • Branding, messaging and positioning workshops
  • Interpretation of marketing data
  • Website reviews for content and search engine optimisation
  • Digital marketing guidance – including social media
  • Guidance and mentoring for your in-house marketers
  • Crisis, investor and internal communications.

Get in touch to arrange a no-obligation consultation and to discuss our freelance Marketing Director service. 

In between visits to your office I can be available for email, phone or Skype consultations by agreement.

A track record in marketing leadership

Trevor Lambert has contributed to leadership teams in healthcare, local government, HR consultancies, executive search and niche recruitment firms. A focussed, good humoured and collaborative colleague, Trevor adds value, insight and an alternative perspective.

Trevor shows genuine empathy and is quick to build rapport. He also quickly understood the key drivers of our business and brought structure to our marketing and communications. He has developed a plan which we look forward to implementing with his ongoing support. A unique, warm, engaging style and a pleasure to be working with.

Ashton Ward, Managing Partner, Eton Bridge Partners Ltd