Scientific marketing


Whoever said “I know half my advertising spend is wasted, the trouble is I don’t know which half” really should have been paying more attention.

100 years before digital came on the scene and made marketing measurement far easier, the clients of masters like Claude Hopkins were enjoying the benefits of measurement and scientific method. The fact is, if measurement is built into your marketing programme from the start – and the importance is recognised by your staff – you really should know the return on your investment of most of, if not all, your marketing spend.

We use a measurement-based approach to our marketing, with a scientific approach based on the adage: Test, Measure, Adapt.

  • Test – we develop an approach based on our years of experience and test it with a live audience.
  • Measure – we measure the results as accurately as possible.
  • Adapt – we make small changes to the approach and repeat the process again and again, to approach the optimum version.

Through the use of A/B tests and multi-variant tests we can refine this process more quickly. It’s an approach that puts the objective measurement of results at the heart of your marketing.