What matters to us

Blue Eye Vision and Strategy

Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well I have others.

Groucho Marx


Our Vision

We want to make a decent living doing work we enjoy, for clients we like, that helps them be more successful.

Our Values

If there’s one thing cheesier than a set of company values, it’s company values that fit neatly into an acronym. And for the full Stilton experience, how about an acronym that is part of the company name?

All I can say in my defence is this. These are the things that are genuinely important to me as the owner of Glass Halo. Once I had my shortlist I only had to change one word to get the HALO effect. (I changed ‘Profitable’ to ‘Lucrative’ since you ask).


Life’s too short to be miserable at work. We want to enjoy what we do. And we want to make our clients happy too.


We take responsibility for our actions, our work and our results. We’re happy to be judged on the results we achieve for our clients and the way we behave.


Working with Glass Halo should be financially and personally rewarding. We want to make a reasonable living out of our work and we want our clients to discover that working with Glass Halo is profitable for them too.


We’re straightforward in the way we work and communicate. We’re easy to find, easy to understand and easy to do business with. We don’t use jargon or complicated language to confuse our clients. And we don’t use smoke and mirrors to mystify what we do.


What? No Integrity?

For reasons eloquently and entertainingly explained in Mark Ritson’s superb deconstruction of brand values ‘Integrity’ is not one of our values. Nor for that matter are ‘Innovation’ or ‘Trust’ – the other catchall phrases in Ritson’s sights.

Of course we behave with integrity; we just don’t feel the need to state the obvious.
In short, if it feels like the wrong thing to do, we don’t do it.

Trevor Lambert, Founder