Inbound marketing

Magnet attracting silver spheres representing inbound marketing

Traditional marketing communications techniques are based on getting a message out to an audience at a time when they have a reason and the resources to buy. Getting the right message to the right people at the right time is a science in itself.

Inbound marketing turns this idea on its head and aims to create an environment in which potential clients come to you when they have a need that can be solved by your services.

This means being easy to find through a strong online presence that features content that is remarkable, relevant, searchable and shareable. It might involve:

  • Content marketing
  • Website / landing pages
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEO, PPC)
  • Blogs and news
  • Video and podcasts
  • Social media
  • Media relations (Online and Offline)
  • Thought leadership

In short, it’s about producing materials that people want to read, watch, hear or see – usually because they provide a personal competitive advantage.

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