Why choose Glass Halo?

Glass question mark - Why choose Glass Halo?

Fair question. There are lots of marketing firms and freelancers out there and many of them are very good.
So how do you choose?

We’d suggest the following are probably worth considering:

  • Relevant expertise – Do they have skills that are transferrable to your domain? That doesn’t mean they have to have worked in your sector before – there’s value in a fresh approach. Just make sure they demonstrate they can ‘get it’.
  • Accountable – Are they willing to stand by their promises? Whether that’s measurable campaign results or delivering your project to the agreed scope and deadline.
  • Accessible – Are they contactable and responsive? Do they take your needs seriously? And do they use plain English? Or do they try to bamboozle you with jargon?
  • Personal chemistry – Work shouldn’t be a pain so you probably want to work with people who are easy to do business with.

As you’d expect, we believe Glass Halo delivers on all counts. But don’t take our word for it; check out our recommendations. Then give us a call or send an email to info@glasshalo.co.uk. If we can help, we will. If we cannot we’ll be straight about it and try to point you in the right direction.

Either way, it’s got to be worth a call.

We look forward to speaking with you.