The Glass Halo approach

We use the model below to analyse and plan marketing communications.



The Glass Halo Marketing approach. 

For some organisations, we need to get the marketing infrastructure in place first. This might include something as fundamental as the strategy or as tactical as templates for documentation.

It’s important you understand your market and – perhaps more crucially – the market understands you. We talk about moving from brand awareness to brand comprehension.

If you’re considering using marketing consultants you probably want more leads. We use inbound marketing and content marketing to help people find you and recognise your expertise. But we don’t buy the argument that outbound marketing is dead. Instead, we see it as an essential part of a truly integrated approach.

Once you have leads, or stronger relationships, you may need help to nurture them through your pipeline to become clients and eventually brand ambassadors. And throughout the process you can get recommendations in the form of referrals, case studies and testimonials.

Which, of course, can be used to generate more leads.

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