HR Consultancy marketing specialist


Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur launching yourself as an HR consultant, or an established HR consultancy, marketing your services in a way that is distinctive, attractive and memorable is tough.

In all likelihood it  keeps getting pushed to the end of the agenda while what appear to be more immediate concerns are addressed.

It can be daunting, working out how to differentiate an intangible service that, by its very nature, will be variable and depend on the input of the client for success.

But marketing B2B services such as HR consultancy doesn’t have to be that difficult – particularly if you work with the right partner.

How we can help

We specialise in helping B2B service providers differentiate themselves in the market through what they say, how they position themselves, how they approach the market and by how they interact with clients and potential clients in a balanced and natural way.

We can:

  • Analyse your current approach to marketing and identify the areas in which small improvements will make a big difference.
  • Design a marketing plan for your HR consultancy that combines digital and traditional, inbound and outbound marketing and relationship nurturing  techniques.
  • Create thought leadership materials such as white papers and blogs that will be valued and shared by your target market.
  • Optimise your website so you can be found for the terms your clients are searching for.
  • Design an appropriate social media plan that focuses on the channels that will have most impact.
  • Measure the impact of what you are doing and identify key learning points to keep you on track.
  • Mentor you or your nominee, or make marketing happen on your behalf, from email marketing to supplier management.

Trevor Lambert’s track record includes periods leading the marketing function at the UK’s top three HR consultancy, Penna Consulting, and Director of Marketing at Impellam’s largest division. Since launching Glass Halo he has helped many consultants and business service organisations to make a greater impact with their marketing.

If you’re looking for an HR consultancy marketing specialist get in touch now for an informal discussion.  Or call 07747474967.