Marketing for Executive Search Firms


Marketing doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Even for organisations with such specific challenges as SME executive search consultancies.

Many “marketing gurus” would have you believe you need to be a coder or an analyst to compete.

Or spend your whole day on social media.

Yet the fact is most of your marketing success will come from getting some basic building blocks in place:

  • Understanding your market and how you can stand out
  • Creating a database of contacts
  • Growing your database through a variety of measures
  • Keeping in touch with – and creating value for – the people on your database
  • Asking the people on your database to help you grow it

The Glass Halo approach to marketing is a simple way to develop a truly integrated marketing plan to achieve all this.

Starting with the assumption your budget and time are limited we can help you develop a plan that is as simple or sophisticates as you need at this point in your growth.

And it’s an approach that works as well for attracting candidates as it does for clients.

Contact us now and we’ll send you details of the Glass Halo model. There’s no obligation to buy anything.

We just hope you’ll be interested enough to talk to us about your marketing needs and agree to be added to our database.

You’ll find we practise what we preach. 

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