Prime positioning?

Martin Shaw and Jenny Seagrove’s appearance at the Windsor Theatre Royal can’t have been particularly helped by this poster positioning at Maidenhead railway station.

There are more of these dodgy sites than you might think. And you can get palmed off with them if you’re not diligent.

I remember spending a day travelling up and down the Reading to Paddington line once, handpicking poster sites for a marketing campaign.

Fair play to my employer at the time who recognised the value in doing so.

The result was a poster campaign that delivered measurable results and was repeated year on year.

Don’t neglect traditional media

Speaking of outdoor media, I saw this bus advert last week on the Edgware Road.

It makes its point beautifully:  “More people have seen bus ads today than have used social media”.



A good campaign uses whichever media works.

Be thankful of myopic modern marketers who discard traditional media as ‘old fashioned’ leaving these powerful channels available to the rest of us.