When a PITA becomes a UPB

I’m a fan of Dentyl Active mouthwash. And I’m not alone – apparently it is now the number one mouthwash in the UK. But I get it in the neck from my other half because no matter how careful I am it always leaves an oily residue in the sink – often with little green blobs.

This is the result of Dentyl’s unique two-part formula which combines a water-based antibacterial agent and food colour with an oil which binds with the hydrophobic micro-organisms in your mouth. When mixed, the resulting emulsion is remarkably effective at removing those bits and bobs you really don’t want in your mouth.

Whilst initial users were no doubt impressed by the efficacy of the product, they were probably a little shocked by the greasy mess left in the sink. Savvy marketers, however, have done a great job in turning this pain into a USP (or UPB if – like me – you prefer) with the simple line “So effective you can see the results in the sink.”

Very smart.

For me, Dentyl Active has one other Unique Perceived Benefit over every other mouthwash I have ever tried. Try gargling with a traditional mouthwash and a veritable Vesuvius of bubbles will soon erupt from your mouth. A real pain if you happen to be wearing a white shirt.

Gargle with Dentyl Active and guess what. No bubbles. It’s terrific. No matter how hard you try (and let me tell you I am no mean gargler) or for how long (30 seconds minimum recommended) there’s no foam erupting over the carpet.

For me this is a real advance. So much so I wrote and told the company.


And I have still to receive the courtesy of a reply.

Now that’s not so smart.