Why take on a part-time marketing director?

You know how it is.

You’ve been doing your own marketing for a while now and – generally speaking – you enjoy it. But often it gets left until later, and eventually it’s either done in a rush or not done at all.

You certainly can’t justify employing a full-time marketing director. And besides, Julie in Ops did a degree in Business Studies and has a really funny Twitter account, so maybe she can do it for you.

Good luck with that one.

It is, however, understanding. The cost of employing a good marketing professional at any level isn’t cheap.

That’s why more and more start-ups and fast growing SMEs are turning to part-time marketing directors and heads of marketing for help.

What a part-time marketing director can bring

A good marketing director will come to you with:

  • Experience – they’ll have worked as a director or senior marketer, ideally in a similar industry.
  • Strategic insight – they’ll be able to look at your business, the current performance of marketing and where the priority changes should be made.
  • Flexibility – they’ll give you a range of options, from one day a month support upwards.
  • No hang ups – they’ll be doers as well as talkers. If you need help with that emailshot, they’ll help make that happen.
  • Contacts – their network of reliable suppliers and contacts will be a cost saving gold mine.
  • Cost-effectiveness – as you can choose to employ a part-time marketing director on a freelance basis it’s a surprisingly efficient way to access director level expertise.
  • Collaboration – a great part-time marketing director will become a positive member of your leadership team, often contributing to wider organisational issues when required.
  • Coaching and leadership experience – if you want them to work with or mentor your in-house marketers, you’ll want the assurance of knowing this will be done positively and supportively.
  • Added value – they’ll be available in between face-to-face meetings for advice, guidance and feedback.
  • Ethical standards – they won’t take on too many clients and will not work with competing brands without prior agreement.

A part-time marketing director could make a huge difference to your organisation’s growth and success. It’s certainly worth considering if you wish to take your marketing to the next level.

Let’s have an exploratory chat about whether we can help.

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