New Year Revolution


How are the New Year’s resolutions coming along?

If you’re anything like most* people you’ll be sticking with some, struggling with most and others will have been so vaguely defined you don’t know whether you’re successful or not. By 21st January they will all be a distant memory.

The good news is that it isn’t your fault. That, of course, is the mantra of unqualified life coaches the world over. We no longer have to take responsibility for anything. But that’s a rant for another day.

In this case, it is true. Because the New Year is almost certainly the worst time to try resolve to do anything differently.

Join the gym or start jogging? Those short days and cold or rainy weather will soon put you off. Our natural instinct is to withdraw to the cave and hibernate.

Eat less or more healthily? Winter is the time for comfort eating, maintaining a layer of fat to keep us warm. Whoever came home from a day out in the sleet craving a salad?

As for business resolutions, doesn’t it make sense to tie in your resolutions with the start of the new financial year and the development of your business plan?

So I propose New Financial Year Resolutions to launch us into Spring.

The revolution starts here.


This isn’t a typical marketing blog entry. My new year’s resolution is to write a little more about the psychotherapy and business hypnotherapy part of Glass Halo.
See, we are all guilty.


UPDATE *Specifically 92% of people according to this research. Thanks to our friend Michael Moran of 10Eighty for pointing me towards this research in this LinkedIn Pulse article.

Image (c) Shutterstock | Crepesoles